Manchester City's Mario Balotelli fined for speeding in Milan - report

Premier League striker caught breaking road regulations in Milan as he gets in trouble with local police in the Italian city
Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has been penalised for driving at speed as police in Milan slap him with a €380 fine and dock points off his Italian driving licence.

reports Balotelli, who was driving a Mercedes Benz S65 AMG in Milan on Thursday night, was stopped by a police patrol for speeding near the city centre.

The Italy striker, who was travelling alone, produced both his English and Italian licences and he was charged with excessive speed. He was also sanctioned for having tinted rear and side windows which are illegal in Italy.

Police fined him and docked 10 points off his Italian licence. If he is docked two more points then he will lose it.

There is a difference between UK and Italian licences. While points up to 12 are accumulated in the UK, in Italy a clean licence has 12 points already on it, and points are docked pending the various nature of offences. No points means no licence in Italy - the opposite to UK laws.

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