Sky ‘Offside’ In The Way They Handled Sexism Row And Andy Gray Sacking - Richard Keys’ Wife

Julia Keys says broadcasters' handling of sexism scandal was 'questionable'
Richard Keys' wife Julia has hit out at Sky for forcing her husband and Andy Gray out of their jobs.

The duo were caught off camera making sexist comments about assistant referee Sian Massey before Wolves' match with Liverpool last weekend and were initially suspended.

Keys resigned from his post on Wednesday after further footage was released of him making sexist remarks, while Gray was sacked for his part in the scandal.

Julia Keys was quoted as saying by The Mirror: "It's really sad.

"They contributed so much, putting Sky on the map. Whether you like them personally or not, professionally there's very few who would knock them.

"I feel the wrong two guys were given the red card.

"It doesn't quite make sense in a way and it's questionable the way it has been handled.

"I think Sky was offside in the way it handled it.

"It's very sad after the career Richard has had that it has come to this but I do not see it as being the end of it."

"With men there are little bits of you that never grow up.

"It's banter from the boys. What other people do not understand is the dynamics that go on in the studio.

"He is very aware of the tensions that there are and it not being as relaxed as it would be unless there were playful shenanigans."

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