Fulham Manager Mark Hughes Frustrated With 'Ambiguous' Offside Rule

Boss believes Huddlestone winner should have been ruled out for offside

Fulham manager Mark Hughes cut a frustrated figure at full time of the 2-1 defeat at the hands of Tottenham. Tom Huddlestone’s strike was allowed after consultation between the referee and the linesman. However Hughes feels that the offside rule leads to too much interpretation and wants clarification of the rules:

“There is ambiguity around key decisions in games at the moment. I’d like a bit of clarification,” he told reporters.

“I think you want to make the game more exciting, the rule was implemented to encourage attacking play but at times it makes it very difficult for defenders or managers or players or supporters to understand the game.

“Maybe you should mic them up and make them say at the time what the conclusion is. Then everybody would be clear with what decision has been made.”

Hughes was clearly unhappy that the goal was allowed and feels that William Gallas was in an obvious offside position,

“We feel the goal should have been wiped out because Gallas is in an offside position as the ball was struck by Huddlestone. The only grey area I thought was if the ball has struck one of our players on the way through,” added the Fulham boss.

“Mark Schwarzer has to hold his position until the ball reaches the point where Gallas is. He's thinking at some point, Gallas may stick a toe out and nick it so he has to wait really until that moment. To say he's not interfering or in his eyeline is at odds with the truth to be perfectly honest.”

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