Manchester City Striker Carlos Tevez Reveals He Hates Being A Footballer

Argentine forward is considering quitting football for good
Manchester City captain Carlos Tevez has revealed that he is considering hanging up his boots.

The Argentina international was involved in a serious bust-up with manager Roberto Mancini in the recent 2-1 victory over Newcastle United, and it has been reported that at one point both men had to be pulled apart as the feud boiled over into the City dressing room.

Even as early as the summer, the striker had admitted that he was lacking motivation for the new season. But his performances so far have been strong, having played in all seven of City’s Premier League games.

However, now the 26-year-old feels that Mancini is being over-reliant on him, insisting that he does not know how much more his body can withstand.

This appears to have prompted the former Manchester United man to entertain thoughts about quitting the game for good.

"I have been playing many games this season, and my body is feeling it. I am tired.” Tevez told The News of the World.

"I started to play when I was really young and I have always fought so much but now I'm feeling the effort.

"I'm an old guy now, and I started to think about some stuff.  For example, I am less tolerant as a person today than I was a few years ago.

"Then I think - what happens if I quit football as long as I am okay in my life?

"When I talk about quitting, I mean quitting football, not just the national team.

"But at the moment I still don't know if this is going to be in one month, one year, three or five years.

"I have the idea of quitting in my mind.

"Maybe one of these days, I will just wake up and say no more football."

The marksman wants to enjoy playing the game, but at the same time remains unhappy about the effect it has had on his life.

He added: "My family but also my body are starting to feel the effort.

"I have worked and fought so hard, and I would love to enjoy my football.

"I have been playing in England for five years, and I have not spent a single Christmas nor New Year with my family.

"Let me tell you I am not enjoying the life of a footballer."

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