I Fear We've Seen The Best Of Wayne Rooney For Manchester United And England - Stan Collymore

Pressure has taken a big toll...
Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore fears that Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney could have already passed his peak as a player.

Rooney has endured a tough start to the season and has been ruled out of United's Champions League visit to Valencia this week with an ankle injury. Much of the focus has been on the player's private life following tabloid revelations, and Collymore believes that the off and on-field pressures have started to take their toll.

"I genuinely worry that we might have seen the best of Wayne Rooney for this reason – mentally now he’s going through lots of torment. We know that he’s brought it upon himself," Collymore told talkSPORT.

"The issue is if you sell your wedding you are saying to people ‘I am happy for my daughter, my son, my mum to be there in the paper’. So you can’t then when things are going wrong, particularly if you put yourself in schtuck, to then say ‘stop at the front door’.

"The problem isn’t just going to be about Wayne Rooney’s form, it’s going to be sitting at home. Whatever goes on with him and his wife it will be sorted out in the wash in however many months or years but the mental impact that that has on you, that every single time you go out you’re not just justifying your footballing ability but you’re justifying lots of other things.

"The Nike advert that says I’m potentially going to be the World Cup’s best player has an impact and for that reason, I hope I eat my words and I’ll be very happy to eat my words, I think we’ve seen the best of Wayne Rooney."

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