Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder Wilson Palacios: I Nearly Quit Football

Brother's death cast a deep shadow...
Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Wilson Palacios has explained that he almost turned his back the game following the death of his brother a year ago.

The horror of finding out his 16-year-old brother's body had found six months after he had been kidnapped in their homeland of Honduras forced the Spurs star to consider his future.

But after seriously contemplating hanging his boots up, the midfielder felt that the best way to honour his brother's memory was to continue playing football.

"It's true, I did come close to retiring," he told reporters.

"The reason why I carried on was firstly because it's always been my dream to be a footballer, but mainly it was my family and close friends, taking their advice saying 'keep going, keep going'.

"From a kid I've always been quite tough, you know mentally tough and strong. I have always been tough and single-minded and that has helped.

"Football is what I do."

Meanwhile, Palacios is looking forward to competing in his country's first World Cup finals since 1982.

Although no-one expects much from the Hondurans, the Spurs man maintains that they will doing their best, expecially when they meet Spain and Fernando Torres in the group stage.

"We all know that Torres is one of the best strikers in the world. Even when I was back in Honduras I used to watch Spain. I know what qualities the whole side have got but we have good players too," Palacios added.

"For the country and my people, it's amazing, and also especially, for my family.

"It's so long since we've been there, over 25 years. It's a really tough group but it's a chance for us to do well and we're really looking forward to it.

"On a personal level, yes it has been an extremely tough year. But all I can do is keep focused and keep moving forward. Off the field I am just an ordinary guy. My motivation is kicking a football."

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