AFC Wimbledon Livid Over Milton Keynes' Inclusion In 2018 World Cup Bid

Wombles slam 'disgraceful' decision...

The announcement of Milton Keynes as a host city for England's 2018 World Cup bid has met with a swift and angry response from AFC Wimbledon.

The Buckinghamshire locale - which was just recently granted city status - was a shock inclusion, beating out more established footballing communities such as Derby, Hull and Leicester.

And the Wombles' commercial director, Ivor Heller, has now blasted the FA for its continued support of the MK Dons franchise.

He said in The Mirror: "I am incredibly disappointed that they have endorsed that dreadful decision by allowing the town to be a part of the World Cup bid. The FA should know better.

"It is disgraceful. There is nothing traditional about Milton Keynes as a football town and it the only franchise that has happened in this country.

"When are the FA going to do something about rebuilding a stadium for us at Wimbledon? It is hideous what has happened. It's like getting a slap from the FA all over again. This has opened up all the old wounds again."

Lord Mawhinney, technical director of the 2018 bid committee, claimed that MK's participation would be an asset, given the ambitions of the club and the city.

"Milton Keynes entered into a partnership five years ago and agreed to build a 30,000 stadium and they said 'you don't need to worry about white elephants whether we get it or not', so that is the aspirations of Milton Keynes," he said.

"The best possible bids were chosen to give England the strongest possible bid when we move into competition with other countries next year because that's the truth.

"The whole city is behind that plan, not just the football club."

Bristol and Plymouth were also surprise inclusions in the list of 12 host cities.

Mick Maguire, UK