Manchester United's Michael Owen Will Conquer The Kop - Sir Alex Ferguson

Owen could be on target...
Sir Alex Ferguson is confident that any hate directed at Michael Owen will not faze him when Manchester United face Liverpool tomorrow.

Owen faces a rough reception tomorrow for the club whom he spent eight years with.

"I don't think it will bother Michael. Everyone wants to be liked but he's got the experience to handle it. It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction he gets," Ferguson told The Sun.

"There have been very few players who have played for both clubs. Paul Ince got a bad reception from our fans when he joined Liverpool.

"Michael may well get that again on Sunday but it is difficult to say."

The 29-year-old was booed when he returned to Anfield whilst with Newcastle United, and playing for the Reds most hated rivals will only intensify the crowd's reaction.

Owen is expected to come on as a substitute, but Ferguson insists that he can affect the outcome of the game, possibly scoring the winning goal.

"He is capable of scoring in any type of match, including at the highest level. He has done that in his career," concluded the Scotsman.

Troy Nicholson, UK