Terry Venables Urges Tottenham Hotspur Fans To Forget Patrick Vieira's Arsenal Days

The highly-rated coach hopes that the Spurs fans will not begrudge potential Tottenham signing Vieira his Arsenal past.

One of the more audacious transfer murmurs this week gave an indication that Tottenham Hotspur were willing to secure Inter midfielder Patrick Vieira a return to the Premier League, and former Lilywhite manager Terry 'El Tel' Venables has pleaded with the club's supporters not to let their views of the past Arsenal captain blinker a future deal.

The London Paper quote Venables as remarking, “Fans should welcome him as no matter where he used to play, he is a winner. As long as he is still fit and not overweight or anything, he would be good for Tottenham.

“It looks like he is keen on a move back to Britain, but whether it’ll be Spurs or not remains to be seen.

“I would say the fans [should] reserve judgement until they see him play – or at least I’d like to think they would.

“Once he proves he is still at the top of his game, then they will warm to him,” the former England boss concluded.

Current Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has already secured the signature of one past Arsenal player during the current summer window. Anton Blackwood, 18, crossed the north London divide one week ago, a player described by the Gunners' official website as a "talented and versatile defender".

Alan Dawson, Goal.com