West Brom Defender Jonas Olsson Wants To Become A Lawyer

The Swedish centre-back has noble ambitions to contribute in the field of human rights when he's finished with football...
West Bromwich Albion defender Jonas Olsson, a rock music fan with left-wing leanings it seems, will not follow a conventional route into business or the media when he finishes playing, but will look to qualify as a lawyer and work within the sphere of human rights.

"It is something I want to do and I have already done a course in basic law," the Swede told The Sunday Mercury.

"I want to do something with human rights. I feel strongly about human rights and it is something I want to be involved in.

"I am only 26 so I hope I have a lot of years left but there is the feeling that when I stop playing I want to work in that field. I want to go to university back in Sweden when I finish. There is a big university close to where I grew up, so I want to go there.

"I like world affairs and I am quite left-wing orientated. That is probably why I like the music of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones so much. That is where I get that influence.

"I think I am restless person and I have an interest in different things and learning new things. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands as well.

"When you are playing football you are thinking about football so many hours of the day, but when I am away from training I like to do something else, something different."

Zack Wilson, Goal.com