Silvestre Reminisces About Ferguson's Infamous Boot-Throwing At Beckham Incident

The Frenchman speaks out about the incident that effectively spelt the end of David Beckham's career at Manchester United.
Mikael Silvestre made the surprising switch from Manchester United to Arsenal last summer for a meagre £700,000, and was a part of the United side that lost to the Gunners in the fifth round of 2003 FA Cup at Old Trafford.

Goals from Sylvain Wiltord and Edu ended United's run in the cup, but the match will ultimately be remembered for what occured within the Red Devils' dressing room at half-time.

Sir Alex Ferguson was reportedly incensed at the performance of his players, and aimed his fury at David Beckham with the result being a boot in the face.

Silvestre reminisced in L'Equipe, "I was taking my boots off myself, when he stormed in. He was irritated, but he wasn’t intending to injure him [Beckham].

"He often threw things in the dressing room, but that day he happened to throw a boot at the player he was talking to!"

Beckham was then pictured in the press with his hair pulled back, showing two steri-strips plastered on his brow.

He was later sold to Real Madrid for a £25 million fee.

Alan Dawson,

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