Everton Midfielder Phil Neville Reveals Inspiration From Inter Boss Jose Mourinho

The Toffees skipper has cited a chance meeting with Jose Mourinho as a turning point for his post-playing career days.
Everton skipper Phil Neville's chance meeting with Jose Mourinho earlier this year produced great controversy as the anchoring midfielder was believed to be giving Manchester United secrets away ahead of Inter’s Champions League clash with Sir Alex Ferguson's men.

However, the talking point of that meeting, Neville has claimed, centred around management. The 32-year-old has cited his conversation with Mourinho as a great influence on what he wants to do when he hangs up his boots.

"I don’t think I have ever been as certain about one thing in my life, than me wanting to be a coach or a manger," Neville said on BBC Radio Five Live.

Regarding the infamous meeting with former Chelsea boss Mourinho, he said, "It was probably one of the most fascinating experiences of my whole life.

"Speaking to someone I hold in the highest esteem - it was just a chance meeting. At the time it got me into a little bit of trouble because it was just before they were playing Manchester United. Everyone thought I was giving United’s secrets away but it wasn’t like that at all.

"I met him in a hotel and I managed to speak to him about coaching, management, [and] players. One thing it did confirm to me, [is] that there is no magic formula to management but its simplicity. As long as you keep it simple - that’s the biggest thing I learnt from him.

"After an hour and a half he must have thought he was on mastermind because I asked him so many questions and he was so open, and that’s what I found so fascinating.

"I asked how he managed certain situations at Chelsea and in his career in management, and the courses he went on, how his family life is affected by management, and it was just fascinating how open he was, and he showed real quality.

"I’m hoping to speak to many managers like him in the future.”

Alan Dawson, Goal.com