Men Find Football Shirts Sexy... When Worn By Women

A recent survey has found that men prefer their women to wear football shirts rather than sexy underwear!
A survey of nearly 2,000 men has confirmed that guys find gals in football shirts aesthetically pleasing, and prefer them to wear the jersey associated with their football club, instead of wearing some provocative, skimpy, and sexy lingerie.

The poll - which interviewed both football and rugby lovers - found that 34 per cent of participants were adamant that football shirts were sexier than women's underwear, while 23 per cent went for the sexy lingerie and 16 per cent opted for costumes such as a nurse's outfit.

Some of England's finest 'Page 3' models, such as Keeley, have often posed in variations of the iconic white strip in order to escalate national fever when the Three Lions have been trying to roar at home or abroad, and these findings confirm that attraction.

A spokesperson for MyCelebrityFashion - a website that commissioned the research - said: "Women everywhere always had a sneaking suspicion that blokes like their football or rugby team more than they should.

"But to find out that they find women more attractive in bed when they are wearing a football or rugby top is maybe taking it a little too far."

Alan Dawson,