Algeria begins exporting synthetic turfs to Europe

A synthetic grass factory in Algeria began exportation of its first products this week after barely three years of research and is expected to thrive due to increasing demand

A synthetic grass factory based in the Algerian town of Boumerdes shipped off its first products to France on Thursday, bringing pride to authorities of the north African state.

The management of the Plantes Fleurs Distribution (PFD) said their orders came from a number of stadiums in France and that their products are some of the best in the Mediterranean basin.

“We started out only three years ago and our Kits de Gazon products are been solicited from everywhere,” the PFD boss Bernard Delon told state television ENTV during an inauguration ceremony.

“Our technicians will follow the products to France to mount the pitches. We have also received orders from Chadian authorities for a modern synthetic turf for one of their football stadiums,” Delon said.

The local authorities saluted the development and encouraged the enterprise to expand production and contribute to the development of the country’s football by providing synthetic fields for young talents.

Experts suggest a boom for the new factory owing to the growing demand for synthetics pitches in Africa and in Europe.