Equatorial Guinea coach Henri Michel makes volte-face after resignation

The Frenchman seems to be back to his post after a brief reception on Monday with Equatorial Guinea president Teodoro Obiang Nguema

Equatorial Guinea coach Henri Michel, who resigned from the post last week, is likely to renege on his decision and stay on after the head of state of the central African country Teodoro Obiang Nguema spoke with him on Monday.

Speaking to France Football on Wednesday, the former Cameroon, Morocco and Cote D’Ivoire coach said he was waiting for the President’s press conference on the matter to make a final decision.

“I resigned last week because there were so many funny things happening around my job which I could no longer endure as a professional. My staff and I were working in a very terrible condition. We even stooped so low beyond our prerogatives, thinking things would change for the better. But they were worsening," he said.

“Upon hearing my resignation, the head of state Teodoro Obiang Nguema summoned me for a talk and asked me to ignore and continue at my post. That is why I’m still in the country. I presented a list of things I want changed and he promised to deliver in no time. So, I’m waiting for his press conference before the end of this week."

Local editorialists suggest that Nguema is likely to fire sports minister Ruslan Obiang Nsue, who has recently come under fire over maladministration.

Henri Michel, 63, was hired last December to help prepare the Nzalang Nacional for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) which Equatorial Guinea will co-host with neighbouring Gabon.