Battle lines drawn for Dar Es Salaam derby between Simba & Yanga

Battle lines have been drawn on one of Africa's biggest derbies as Simba is set to take on arch-rivals Yanga in a match that will decide who will lift the charity shield

Excited Tanzanian fans await one of Africa’s biggest derbies as Simba is scheduled to lock horns with bitter rivals Yanga in the Charity Shield.

According to The Citizen, the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) are in talks with Big Bon company to supervise the Charity Shield match between the Jangwani side and the Mzimbazi street outfit. The match will be under floodlights at the National Stadium on Wednesday.

“We are still in talks with Big Bon on how best to stage the match. If all goes well, the company will secure the rights of supervising it.

“Be patient, we will make it public later. The match will kick off at 8pm. To set the mood, there will be a friendly match between the two clubs’ Under-20 teams, which will start at 4:30pm.”

The final is set to go into an extra 30 minutes if the normal 90 minutes fail to produce the winner and then on to a penalty shootout should the extra time end in a draw. The two teams’ rivalry is as old as Tanzanian football itself.

The match will be the main attraction next week as it’s expected to attract massive viewer-ship in the region and replicate the same quality of competition witnessed during the Cecafa Cup.