Jose Mourinho Ducks Media As He Holidays Quietly In Kenya

The ‘Special One’ has been in Kenya’s coastal town in the last two weeks...
Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, has been on holiday with his family in Kenya’s coastal region for nearly two weeks, but has successfully managed to shrug off the media, despite sampling a number of different tourist destinations in the country.

According to the Daily Nation, Mourinho arrived in Kenya aboard a private charter plane for a well deserved rest after guiding Italy’s Inter to the Champions League title last season. On Sunday, the self-proclaimed 'Special One' was spotted at Ukunda airstrip on the South Coast after returning a visit to Maasai Mara National Park.

Journalists from various media outlets have been hounding him since word hit town that the iconic coach was in the country, but none of them have managed to talk to the ‘Special One’. The Portuguese coach has, however, been captured on camera being driven to a South Coast beach resort in a convoy of three heavily guarded vehicles. Mourinho could be seen on the back seat of a lightly tinted vehicle, which also carried a woman and two children, a boy and a girl.

Clad in a Real Madrid T-shirt and dark glasses, Mourinho, 47, avoided all attempts to be photographed or interviewed. The official of the hotel where Mourinho is residing told the paper: “You journalists are trying to kill my business. My visitor doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

Nevertheless, Mourinho was spotted mingling with Ukunda residents when he went shopping at a local supermarket. A taxi driver, Sammy Mwendwa, recalled the golden opportunity he had to chat with Mourinho and ask him about Macdonald Mariga’s performance.

“He told me that Mariga is a talented player who has a bright future and that there are many like him in Kenya who, unfortunately, fail to be noticed by European clubs,” said Mwendwa.

A Ukunda jewellery shop marketing manager, Silvana Lelesiit, said she sold a Sh8,000 bracelet to a woman companion. She added that when the Real Madrid coach realised that there was a CCTV camera in the jewellery shop, he sat down on a chair and turned his back to it to avoid being captured on tape.

“I felt nervous to see a man dressed in shorts and sports shoes avoiding this CCTV camera but when I looked closely, he seemed familiar. As a soccer fan, I quickly recognised him to be Mourinho and immediately had a chat with him. He only said ‘I feel at home’ and left after paying for the bracelet,” Lelesiit said.

Other sources said that last week, Mourinho signed autographs for a group of young men who ambushed him moments after he got out of a supermarket and before his body guards led him to his car and sped off.

A news report into Mourinho's stay in Kenya can be seen below.

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