EXCLUSIVE: AIK's Liberian International Dulee Johnson Granted EU Citizenship

The midfield prodigy is now considered EU player...

Liberian international midfielder Dulee Johnson has been granted Swedish citizenship as one of the few African players with a European Union passport.

Johnson confirmed to Goal.com that the Swedish immigration divulged the news to him, and sees it as a major obstacle hurdled if he is to go places in Europe.

He told Goal.com: “The journey has now begun. I told myself this year is going to be different and my dreams and aspirations are beginning to come true. I’m so delighted.”

“It’s a good thing to begin the year with. I’m so happy and I can’t hide my feelings. It would help me move a step further in my career and possibly play in the top leagues.

“There are good times ahead and I know God is preparing me for a bright future. I’ll continue to look up to Him and will continue to remain committed to my career, my family, my country and my fans,” the 25-year-old midfield prodigy said.

Johnson is following in the shoes of Inter's Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o, who was granted Spanish citizenship after swearing allegiance to the country's constitution in 1997.

Other players such as Brazil's Ronaldinho and Mexican Giovanni dos Santos became EU citizens back in August 1997.