Morocco’s Abdeslam Ouaddou Retires From International Football

The central defender cited a need to let youngsters take his place and alluded to his frustrations with the Moroccan Royal Football Federation.

AS Nancy Lorraine defender Abdeslam Ouaddou has announced that he is retiring from international football and will no longer be available to represent the Atlas Lions in the future. The player indicated that his decision was based on a need to let up and coming players at his position get their chance as well as his frustration with the issues plaguing the Moroccan Royal Football Federation.

“I played more than 80 matches for my country and participated in four African Cups. It was an honour but I have to leave my place to a new generation even though I think that I could have offered my experience for two or three more years. Now I want to focus on my club,” he said while speaking to L’Equipe.

Ouaddou did not mention the Moroccan FA specifically but his follow up comment clearly indicated that he is very much disappointed, like practically all of the Atlas Lions supporters, in the manner that the North African country’s national sport is mismanaged.

“Sometimes I pointed out the issues that hurt Moroccan football and from time to time it was misunderstood. Maybe if a coach like Jean Tigana or Luis Fernandez was hired I would have continued,” he concluded.