Benni McCarthy Leads Condemnation Of Togo Attack: Africa As A Whole Will Be Disgusted

Disgust and sadness at machine gun attack...

The football world has united to condemn the attack on the Togo national team bus, which have put the African Nations Cup in jeopardy.

The machine gun attack on the coach taking the team to the tournament claimed the life of the bus driver and injured six others, including two players.

South Africa and Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy said he hopes this does not change people's perceptions of Africa ahead of the World Cup.

"Africa as a whole will be disgusted with the actions of a tiny minority," McCarthy told UK.

"Only recently Africa was receiving a lot of good publicity, and I hope this doesn't change people's perception of Africa.

"To have something like that happen, especially in a football tournament is very sad.

"The world's eyes are on Africa and how we deal with it."

Juventus midfielder Momo Sissoko spoke of his sadness at the tragedy, at the time unaware that the bus driver had been killed.

He said: "These kinds of things have no place in football, this is a very bad moment for Africa.

"I pray that no one is too badly hurt and that this does not happen again."

PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor also offered their assistance.

"That's a terrible thing to happen," Taylor said. "Nobody should have to endure that.

"I hope and pray they are going to be alright."

"Should the relevant authorities ask for our assistance, we will be happy to help in any way we can."

Andrew Southwick & Mohammed Bhana, UK

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