Paris Saint-Germain Goalkeeper Apoula Edel Ready To Sue Ex-Coach

After being accused of lying about both his age and his name, Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Apoula Edel is ready to sue to clear his name.
In the middle of December some news came to Paris Saint-Germain or from the club to be exact, as Director of Football Operations Alain Roche reached out to Le Parisien reporters to let them know that his goalkeeper Apoula Edel was being blackmailed by one of his former coaches.

Nicolas Phillibert, Edel's alleged former coach in Cameroon said that he was the one who convinced the Yaounde native of moving to Armenia in 2002. According to Phillibert, he paid for most of his expenses for two years and is still waiting for Edel to pay him back.

But the most disturbing in the whole story is that Phillibert claims Apoula Edel is not the goalkeeper's real patronym, stating that his real name was Ambroise Beyamena and that he was 19 in 2001 when he was allegedly coaching him, making him 27 and not the 23 Edel was claiming.

After receiving the news in the form of an AS Saint-Etienne staff's complaint to the league after winning their confrontation 3-0 , Paris Saint-Germain seemed very calm about the whole situation and the blackmailing didn't seem to bother them as much as Saint-Etienne's lack of class in the matter.

Anyway, after two weeks of speculation from the press and very little communication from the club itself, Edel has told the Le Parisien that he would be receiving papers from Cameron in the upcoming week and would be suing Nicolas Phillibert in defamation.

Apoula Edel has had one hell of a ride in his short years as a professional. After leaving Cameroon, he was, coerced into playing for Armenia by his former employers. After suing and succeeding in the matter, he hopes he will be able to play for Cameroon in South Africa as Paul Le Guen is the man who brought him over from Roumania to Paris Saint-Germain.

Massaër Ndiaye,