Eric Gerets Wants To Coach Both Al Hilal And Morocco

The Belgian coach would like to keep his current post at the Saudi Arabian club and manage the Atlas Lions at the same time but that appears unlikely to happen.
According to, former Olympique de Marseille trainer Eric Gerets fancies both his current job at Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal and the one being offered to him by the Moroccan Royal Football Federation who are looking to fill their coaching void with someone of his stature.

However, it appears that this is not a very likely scenario considering that his current employer, Abdulrahman bin Musa’ad, isn’t thrilled by the idea.

“The Moroccan Federation proposed a four and half year contract as head coach. I considered holding both posts but it seems complicated. Plus the prince isn’t keen on it," explained Gerets while speaking to Het Laatste Niews.

"In him I’ve found a friend for life. He doesn’t let any opportunity pass to demonstrate this. This includes expensive gifts. In fact, he already gave me a car.”

The well traveled coach is currently on a two year contract with Al Hilal and earning 250,000 Euros a month in Saudi Arabia which may explain his hesitancy to leave such a lucrative situation in favor of a Moroccan side that does not have any major competitions to partake in imminently.

Rami Ayari,