Nice Midfielder Emerse Fae Will Be Sanctioned After Lorient Incident

Fae lost his temper after his team were humiliated by Lorient this weekend and insulted a referee...
Expelled after the match at Lorient for abusive language directed towards the referee, OGC Nice's international Ivorian midfielder, Emerse Fae, provoked the wrath of his coach, Didier Olle-Nicolle and will be sanctioned by his club, on top of the ban the league will give him.                                            

Nicolle, talking with French Television station Canal+ said, "It's unforgivable. It is not the referee who turned the match and made us lose it... We need all our parts. It is professional misconduct for me. This is unacceptable behaviour. The player must think of the interest of the team before letting his ego get in the way."                                           
Speaking with daily newspaper l'Equipe, General Manager of OGC Nice, Patrick Governatori, said that the player's conduct was "unacceptable," that "it [penalised] the club." and that "there [would] be sanctions".                                                  

Emerse Fae could face up to a four match ban from the league for indecent behaviour.                                              

Massaer Ndiaye,