Zurich's Onyekachi Okonkwo Pays Up For Contract Breach

The former Orlando Pirates star isn't very popular with his agent, who suffered a grave loss of reputation because of the player...

Nigerian midfielder Onyekachi Okonkwo has had to pay a hefty fine, believed to be about $20,000, after he breached a contract with his agent, Emeka Ezeala.

Ezeala told Goal.com that Okonkwo failed to honour an agreement with German club Cologne two years ago, opting to transfer to Swiss side Zurich.

"He made me look very bad, especially at Cologne. Everything was agreed, even with the president of his then South African club, Orlando Pirates," Ezeala disclosed.

"Although we speak the same language, I had to make him understand what he has really done. Players have to be a lot more responsible when it comes to honouring agreements, and this should pass the message across to other players."

Ezeala added, "I'm not through with him yet, because I want him to feel the full weight of the law when you decided not to honour an agreement."

Interestingly, 'Tico' only recently tried to move to Cologne, where he was told in very clear terms he is no longer welcome.

"He is a disease at Cologne," a source said.

Samm Audu, Goal.com