Sfaxien Coach Azzedine Ait Djoudi Resigns - Report

The Algerian coach has quit after only five league matches.
Former Entente Sportive de Setif coach Azzedine Ait Djoudi put a premature end to his time at Club Sportif Sfaxien yesterday, by resigning from his managerial post.

The news came a day after a debacle during which his side were embarrassed by Tunisian title holders Esperance Sportive de Tunis, who produced a brilliant display and scored four unanswered goals.

However, the news is not a huge surprise considering that there had been rumours circulating in recent weeks, suggesting that the results which the coach was obtaining and the team’s playing style was not pleasing club officials.

The Algerian confirmed this in an interview with Mosaique FM.

“With everything that happened three weeks ago, and the pressures I experienced as a coach and the pressure my players felt didn’t let things calm down,” he explained.

The coach went on to say that he would rather leave at this juncture, than let things deteriorate further, and he refused to comment on whether he was essentially forced to resign. He instead said that all he wanted was to wish the squad better luck in the future without him.

Rami Ayari, Goal.com