FUFA Now Face Court Action For Expelling Nalubaale From League

The Ugandan football governing body (FUFA) expelled Nalubaale from the league after the Buikwe-based club failed to meet contractual obligations with its players when it merged with Proline academy...

Proline Soccer academy limited has, through its legal team of KSMO advocates, issued an ultimatum of seven days for FUFA to revoke the expulsion of Nalubaale FC from the domestic league or proceed to court.

Proline director Mujib Kasule told The New Vision that the local football federation's decision to expel Nalubaale was undertaken unlawfully and without jurisdiction.

"You took the decision without offering Proline Soccer Academy Ltd, the Assignee of the soccer rights and interests in Nalubaale FC and M/S Nalubaale FC Company Ltd, the Assignor, the chance to be heard," read part of the letter KSMO wrote to FUFA, and copied to the Super Division Clubs Association and National Council of Sports.

The best possible option Nalubaale had at the time was for a merger with financially-stable Proline, a move FUFA overlooked citing article 19 of the FIFA constitution.

But Kasule argued that the article does not apply in this case because Nalubaale are not being promoted or relegated.

KSMO warned that unless the exclusion or expulsion of Nalubaale FC is rescinded and admitted to participate in the league, they will proceed to file an action against FUFA to contest the legality and constitutionality of the decision.

James Momanyi, Goal.com