Ghastly Car Crash Behind World Cup Stinker By Katongo Brothers

Zambian footballing brothers Felix And Christopher Katongo blame a terrible accident that killed a close friend for their below par performance against Algeria...

Last month, Zambia fell 2-0 at home to Algeria in a World Cup qualifying match and the finger of blame was pointed the way of the Katongo brothers, Felix and Christopher, who really struggled to impress.

The Katongos have since revealed that they could not get over the death of a close friend who was killed in a car crash just days before the game.

Felix Katongo's friend, Benson Banda, and two other people lost their lives while driving the player's car.

Felix said that he only knew about the accident a day before the game and it really hit him very hard.

“That accident really affected my performance, especially with the death of my friend," Felix Katongo told the Times of Zambia.

"When the accident happened, on Thursday, I was not told, I didn’t know about it but Chris knew. I only got wind of it on Friday and I was disturbed. But Chris was more affected, because he knew everything that happened. Three people died and the driver was not just my good friend but he was like family. He was my trusted friend."

Chris Katongo disclosed that he was unsettled by the incident and did not tell his younger brother because he did not want to make him restless.

“We can’t change the past but we can make a bright future. It was unfortunate that such an incident happened but there’s nothing we can do about it. The most important thing now is just to remain focused and do our best in the remaining qualifiers."

The older Katongo had his worst game in a Zambian jersey and was replaced for the first time since he was named the country's skipper, while Felix also failed to rise to the occasion.

Samm Audu,