African Nations Cup: CAF In Crisis Meeting To Decide Fate Of Tournament

The future of the tournament is uncertain...
Update: CAF have since confirmed that the tournament will continue
sources in Luanda, Angola indicate that the Confederation of African Football is deep in crisis talks about the future of the African Cup of Nations 2010.

The attack on the Togolese team bus by masked assailants that resulted in the tragic death of the driver in the breakaway province of Cabinda, has thrown the tournament's future into jeopardy.

CAF are said to be meeting with COCAN (Organisation Committee of the Nations Cup) officials to decide the fate of the biannual event.

The Togo national team are apparently considering pulling out entirely, while if the tournament goes ahead it may be that the seven matches due to take place in Cabinda are moved to a more secure location.

Kingsley Kobo,