West Sydney FC, Wanderers, Warriors or United: The readers have their say on what the A-League's newest club should be called

It was announced this week the A-League will have a western Sydney club for the 2012-13 season, but the new team has no name, colours or badge. Goal.com has tallied some ideas...
Following Football Federation Australia's (FFA) announcement that a club from western Sydney would enter the A-League for the 2012-13 season, there's been plenty of discussion about the club's identity.

At Wednesday's announcement, FFA chief executive Ben Buckley revealed the club's name, colours and badge would be left to the public to decide, much like Melbourne Heart did two years ago prior to their introduction to the A-League.

Subsequently there has been widespread discussion about the team name and Goal.com decided to use its Social Networks to grab some opinions. We've canvassed the best ones and put them together in this feature, where we're asking readers to vote on their favourite in our poll too.

Here's the best suggestions:

Dale Walker via Twitter
Western Sydney Warriors and they should wear black and silver!!

Tom Moxey via Twitter
Western Sydney Football Club. At least with this everyone will like it.. instead of people saying I hate Rovers, Wanderers..

Andrew French via Twitter
Gotta admit, I really like the Wanderers name. Just seems fitting, don't know why..

Tom Moxey @AndrewFrench91 via Twitter
I agree, but it seems all the fans on the forum are arguing about the name, Wanderers is a great name

victoryblog via Twitter

Should probably be nicknamed after a local animal or something. Nothing stupid like "Thunder" or Rovers etc.

Ross Miles via Facebook
How about West Sydney Wombats, or the Platypus

Pirmin via Twitter
West Sydney Wanderers

Dennis Silva via Twitter
West Sydney United

Luis Siul Lsa via Facebook
West Sydney FC or Sydney City

Daniel Palmer via Twitter
West Sydney Unicorns

Peterson Hands via Twitter
Western Sydney Desperation

Mike Barton via Twitter

Sydney B. #corny

Matthew Davis via Twitter
Failed Team # FC. #aleague #newteamsname

Gold Coast fan Max Cornell ‏ via Twitter
AFC Buckley. And I don't care where, I wouldn't watch them if they were playing in my garden.

Get involved and have your say below, by voting in our poll which will close on April 10 midday AEST. If you've got any other suggestions, please comment.

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