Adam Hughes Keen To Make An Impression At Adelaide United

The Reds' newest signing is ready to hit the ground running ahead of the new A-League season.
Adelaide United’s latest midfield signing Adam Hughes may not have been in Adelaide long but he is already setting his sights on keeping the Reds as a one of the frontrunners in the A-League.

Preparing for his first A-League season after returning to Australia from three years playing in Ireland’s Premier League, Hughes is keen to make an impact for the Reds and hopes the attributes he brings on the field will help the side.

After completing his second training session with the club this morning, Hughes said, “Hopefully I can come to a successful club, which Adelaide have already proven to be, and continue with the way the club has been going by pushing on, winning a title and doing well in Asia.

“I see myself as a box-to-box midfielder and I like to get on the end of things and try to score my fair share of goals but also do defensive duties as well. Hopefully I can cause a bit of havoc in the middle of the park with some tough tackling and mix it up a bit.”

Reds coach Aurelio Vidmar is also excited about the prospect of what Hughes will bring to the team, particularly his ability and instinct for finding the back of the net.

“He is someone who can play a little bit higher in the midfield,” Vidmar said. “He’s got a great work ethic, great attitude and he can score goals.

“He was averaging about seven goals a season over the past two years in Ireland and that’s something that’s really hard to come by in any team - if he can give us half a dozen goals from the centre of the park that will be fantastic.”

While Vidmar is confident Hughes can provide the Reds with another avenue to goal this season, the coach is currently on the lookout for one or two potent strikers to complement Cristiano.

“We’re looking for players up the front end who are going to make a difference,” Vidmar said. “Whether they’re Brazilians, English or whatever, it doesn’t matter as long as they fit the plans that we’re trying to put forward.

“Every day negotiations are progressing so hopefully with a bit of luck we might get some news in the next week or two.”

Prior to signing with the Reds, Hughes considered a number of offers from other clubs in Europe. However, at 26-years-old and having seen United’s success overseas as well as on the domestic front, he decided to come back to Australia.

Also swaying his decision to play for Adelaide was seeing two of United’s other players who made the move back to Australia from Europe prior to last season receive national call ups after playing in the A-League.

“Reidy [Paul Reid] and Jambo [Scott Jamieson] have come back and got Australian selection so that’s something to aim for,” Hughes admitted.

Hughes’ inclusion into United’s squad bolsters an impressive central midfield group with the likes of Reid, Fabian Barbiero, Kristian Sarkies and Lucas Pantelis.