We Did Well For 60 Minutes - Lazio Coach Rossi

Lazio coach Delio Rossi commented on his side's performance following the 2-0 defeat by Inter.
Following the 2-0 defeat by Inter at San Siro, Lazio coach Delio Rossi wasn't unhappy with his side's performance but admitted that after Zlatan Ibrahimovic's opening goal the match was over.

"For 60 minutes we did very well, we played with the ball on the ground and did well on counterattacks," he told Sky. "We never gave away too much except some corners. Then a great champion came up with the decisive episode and after that we struggled, while Inter's meanness came out."

On the team's formation tonight, Rossi said: "I had to let some players take a breath because they spent a lot of energy, everyone played well for 60 minutes, but then it became evident that certain players weren't used to playing 90 minutes.

"Our scoring problems? I think it's a matter of immaturity when you can reach the opposition's penalty area easily but fail the final pass; usually we  do well in that area, but not tonight."

Danilo Pochini, Goal.com