19,000 Fans Set To Become Owners

If you want to buy your own Italian football club, log on to Squadramia.it (MySoccerClub.it). Over 19,000 people have already done so.
A new and exciting project has been born. Mirco from Squadramia.it explains.

MySoccerClub.it gives you the possibility to buy and manage, online, a real Italian football club. There are already more than 19,000 supporters, with dozens of Italian teams in the top ten ready to be purchased.

How does it work?

 1) Registration is free.
 2) You vote for the team you want to buy.
 3) When the number of members of the team reaches 20,000 you will then confirm the purchase of your share for 60 Euros.
 4) The team with the best characteristics will be bought (players, stadium, location, connections, balance, etc.)
 5) Every sportive or administrative decision will be taken by all members together through online voting.
The basis of this project will be a Sport Association established by all the members registered with a share of 60 Euros. The Association will be non-profit, therefore all the profits will be re-invested into the team.
Democracy, Internet and a lot of passion for football will be the central source for this initiative.

In the United Kingdom it has already worked. The project MyFootballClub.co.uk allowed 20,000 fans to become real owners and managers of a 5th division team, Ebbsfleet United, who not long ago reached the FA Trophy Final and won the match played at Wembley in front of 40,000 fans.

If you like Italian Football, then become a supporter of Squadramia.it, and become President and Manager of an Italian team.