Milito To Be Checked In Passport Scandal

Gabriel Milito, Maxi López and Pablo Zabaleta have all been included in the fake passport scandal that is being investigated in Argentina and will have their background's checked.
Around 150 footballers are being looked into after it was revealed that false Italian passports were produced in order to ease Argentinian players transfers to European clubs.

A federal judge in Argentina, Norberto Oyarbide, is leading the case and already such names as River Plate duo Diego Buonenotte and Augusto Fernández have been made public along with Lazio's Juan Pablo Carrizo and Napoli's Germán Denis.

Barcelona and Espanyol are prepared to produce all the evidence that the have for their respective players after Milito and Zabaleta were named on a list of players to be looked into.

López, who was sold by Barça to FC Moscow, will also have the support of the Blaugrana if he is questioned by the authorities in the coming weeks.

Around 40 people have now been arrested according to Argentinian newspaper, Crítica, amid claims that the players and their agents knew that the documents were false.

Among those detained by police is María Elena Tedaldi, who was sent to prison for being involved in the falsification of Juan Sebastián Verón's passport in 2000.

The consequences for any people found to be knowingly involved in the scandal would be that they would have their citizenship taken away with immediate effect.

Lucas Brown,