Villa: No Message In Torres Celebration

David Villa has revealed that he went over to Fernando Torres to celebrate his third goal against Russia to thank him for his performance in the opening half of the emphatic win.
The Valencia striker explained that there was no hidden agenda behind his decision to race to the bench to embrace the Liverpool star after he had been substituted.

Torres was clearly unhappy after being taken off, but Villa revealed that he was not making any statement and was just keen to celebrate with his strike partner.

"In this team we are all important and I went to thank him for the great work he did in the first half in which he set up the first goal that I scored," he told AS.

"I benefitted from his work and I have no doubt that he is an important player for the team."

The entire Spanish squad celebrated together and Villa admitted that there were no divisions among the players like there have been in previous tournaments.

"There was nothing in that, I just celebrated the way I felt, with my team-mates and there was no special message," he continued.

After netting a hat-trick, Villa admitted that it could have been the best game of his career, although he admitted that it was not his best all-rounmd performance ever.

"I think that it was my best game given all the circumstances that there were, such as being for the national team at the European Championships and in our first game," he explained.

"It was the best game of my career when all that is taken into account, although maybe not my most complete one."

Steve McManaman introduced the English practice of keeping the match ball after scoring a hat-trick during his time in Spain and the tradition continued on Tuesday, although it took some work.

"I managed to have the ball in the end although it was hard work. I went to the referee at the end, but he told me that he could not give it to me because of regulations," Villa said.

"But then Reina and Xabi and the players that speak better English came over and he gave it to me."

Finally, Villa continued to stay silent on where he will be playing next season after his goalscoring exploits saw the rumours grow this week.

"My situation is the same as before, but I have already said that I do not want to talk about my team. I am with the national team and I only want to talk about that," he concluded.

Lucas Brown,