Thiago Neves Sale Enabled Hamburg To Make Six Signings

It's been one out and six in for the German side this winter...
Hamburg have been able to make six new signings by selling on Thiago Neves this winter, it was reported today.

Neves, who joined the German side last summer, has failed to settle in, and was sold to Al-Hilal for €7 million, although he immediately went on loan back to Fluminense for the rest of the season.

The money that Hamburg raised from his signing has allowed them to bring in six players this winter.

The players they have managed to add to the squad are Khalid Sinouh, Michael Gravgaard, Marcel Ndjeng, Tomas Rincon, Albert Streit and Mikael Tavares.

Speaking about the move today, Alex Silva, Brazilian defender for Hamburg, said they will miss Neves, but that it is probably for the best.

"He is a player that will be missed. He would be able to help us a lot, with the set-pieces and with his creativity, but if he is happy, I am happy for him," he mused.

"For Hamburg it is also good, since with his sale they have managed to bring in six other players."

The defender also acknowledged that one of the troubles that Neves had was playing in a position that he was not used to.

"Thiago was not playing in the position he would have wanted, as an attacking midfielder, he was a second midfielder. He does not know how to mark, he knows how to attack. He was not happy," he declared.

"When that happens, he is not going to stay, he was getting worse, then they opted to sell him."

James Walker-Roberts,