Cruyff: Mourinho was nothing as a footballer

The legendary player launched a scathing attack on the Portuguese, and took a swipe at Sandro Rosell, before expressing his doubt over Tito Vilanova's abilities
Former Barcelona star Johan Cruyff has branded Real Madrid trainer Jose Mourinho a failure as a footballer.

The Dutchman laughed off the Portuguese's self-granted title of 'the only one', and even had harsh words for the Blaugrana's president Sandro Rosell.

"He had nothing to show for himself as a footballer but now he can do something," Cruyff was quoted as saying by AS.

"Yes, he is the only one, the only mad enough to say a thing like that. He's so mad he's in a straitjacket."

Cruyff went on to discuss the transfer policies of his former team, and stated that new trainer Tito Vilanova has a lot to prove.

"The best philosophy is to create players, not buy them. We [Cruyff and Rosell] don't share the same philosophy. I don't believe he understands the notion that Barca is more than a club."

"He [Vilanova] has to prove his worth when the going gets tough. We'll have to wait and see before we jump to conclusions about him. Working behind Guardiola is not the same as being in charge, it's completely different," he concluded.