Czechs In Crisis As Rada Sacked And Ujfalusi Quits National Team

The Czech Republic are a team in crisis today after their manager and key defender have both parted ways from the national side...
The national football team of the Czech Republic are in crisis today as two influential figures - the manager Petr Rada - and key defender Tomas Ujfalusi, have bowed out of national affairs.

Rada has been sacked by the Czech football federation, while Ujfalusi has resigned. Germany quote Ujalusi as saying, "I cant play anymore for the Czech team in this circumstances produced by the medias and the federation.

"Therefore I wont play for Czech anymore."

Ujfalusi was subject to unrelenting flak following his (and his team-mates') decision to visit a pub following the recent defeat to Slovakia.

It was a result that could seriously jeopardise the nation's chances of qualification to South Africa in 2010.

Ujfalusi received 78 caps while on international duty. He currently plays for Atletico Madrid.

Alan Dawson,