Michel Platini Threatens To Ban Manchester City From Europe

The UEFA chief has stuck the boot into English football once more, declaring that the Citizens could be axed from European competition if they keep launching mega-money bids for the world's top players...
If there is one man on the planet who unequivocally loathes the trend of ever-rising transfer fees in club football, it is UEFA president Michel Platini.

The Frenchman has made no secret of his plans to license every team in every European league, so as to make sure nobody spends beyond their means in their quest for a star-studded squad.

The Premier League has, of course, stirred Platini's wrath more than any other, with debt-ridden Manchester United and Chelsea most often the subjects of his spiels.

But it is the blue half of England's second city that is the focus of the former Juventus star's latest tirade, and in particular their well-publicised (but ultimately doomed) pursuit of Milan superstar Kaka.

Platini said in The Sun, “How can a guy cost €150 million? For me it’s ridiculous — from a football, social and financial point of view.

“If you want to buy a plane for €150m or a boat, you can. But for a man? For me it’s bad. It’s not possible. But it’s why we have to do something.

“I’m finding a system where you can spend what you have. If one Sheikh brings €150m for Kaka then you have to put his salary on top of the transfer fee.

“If the club go over their income with the player’s salary plus fee, they can be banned from our competitions because they don’t respect their budget. It’s about a licensing system where clubs spend within their income.

“Clubs who are banned will be replaced by those further down the table of that country who meet the criteria. It’s not to disturb football but to protect it. Many owners have asked me to find a system. I have to do that as president of UEFA.”

Mike Maguire, Goal.com