Sahin: You'd need to spend €500m to catch Bayern

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder admits it would take a lot to catch the German champions and feels it is only natural for players to gravitate towards England

Borussia Dortmund's Nuri Sahin has dismissed suggestions the Bundesliga has become a boring league due to the dominance of Bayern Munich, but admitted it would take a lot of money to close the gap with the reigning champions.

Bayern have won three Bundesliga titles on the trot and are on their way to making it four in a row this season, holding an eight-point lead over second-placed Dortmund at the halfway stage.

Nevertheless, Sahin feels the Bundesliga has nothing to be ashamed of despite Bayern's hegemony.

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"A lot of people, including Jose Mourinho, seem to think the Bundesliga is boring, but I think the Bundesliga is a good league," Sahin told Kicker.

"What it would take for a team to close the gap with Bayern? Give me €500 million and I will build a team to challenge Bayern."

While Bayern have dominated the German top flight in recent years, the Premier League is more competitive than ever before, but Sahin feels the Bundesliga would be on par had they had the same financial strength.

"You cannot prevent players from going to England because of their financial resources. That's simply the way it is," he added.

"When you can make €2m in the Bundesliga or €5m in the Premier League, a lot of players will not care whether they are playing in the Champions League or battling against relegation.

"The English league has plenty of depth, but give the Bundesliga a load of money and we would build some league as well. All the players would come to the Bundesliga then.

"The Bundesliga has nothing to be ashamed of. If I had to choose between Bundesliga, La Liga and Premier League, I would pick the German league."