Bayern Munich's Karl Hopfner: Manchester City could be banned from Europe if they do not adhere to FFP rules

The Bavarians' CFO believes German clubs will finally reap the fruits of their sound economic policy but says free spenders like Manchester City should be concerned
Bayern Munich's Karl Hopfner has warned teams like Manchester City that violation of Uefa's financial fairplay rules could see them punished with exclusion from European football in the future.

The executive board vice-chairman is convinced that Uefa will make sure the regulations are observed, and take action if they are ignored.

Hopfner also believes that German teams are going to benefit the most from the financial fairplay rules, which come into force next season.

"If Manchester City want to play internationally, these rules have to interest them. I am firmly convinced that Uefa under Michel Platini will take action whenever the rules of financial fair play are ignored. This can lead to exclusion from UEFA club competitions."

Uefa's financial regulations are aimed at reducing the frivolous spending on the transfer market by some teams, and Hopfner believes these rules can only help German clubs.

"Bayern Munich are not the only big winner, it is the entire league. We have a sound economic structure, thanks to the licensing procedure of the DFL," the Bavarians' CFO told tz.

"Our club is in a very, very healthy state. Whether we are the most financially sound outfit in Europe should be judged by others."

According to the new regulations, a team will only be able to spend as much as they have earned. If expenses over three years are greater than the revenue for the same period, the club is considered to have violated the financial fairplay rules.