Mourinho And Inter Have Failed - Lo Monaco

Catania sporting director Pietro Lo Monaco has launched another attack at Inter after already getting involved in a feud with coach Jose Mourinho earlier this season.

At the start of this season Catania sporting director Pietro Lo Monaco was involved in a famous rift with Inter coach Jose Mourinho, after the latter had claimed that his team could have beaten Catania 5-1, instead of the actual 2-1 result.

Lo Monaco responded by saying that Mourinho was "arrogant" and deserved "a slap in the face", to which the coach answered that the sporting director was only looking to get some exposure for himself by talking about him.

Today he gave an interview to ItaSportPress in which he did not miss the chance to take another stab at Inter.

"If their bet was based on winning the Champions League, I consider it a lost bet," he sneered. "In any case it's a disappointment for Inter just to win the Scudetto again, which they had already done with [Roberto] Mancini as coach.

"After spending around €60 million on certain players and €40 million to pay Mancini and Mourinho, they should have won something more than the Scudetto."

He also spent a moment to talk about his own team's season.

"[Against Udinese] we obtained a point that allows us to make a step forward in the standings and get closer to the 40 point mark," he added. "We will have reached our objective when we have the mathematical certainty of staying in Serie A."

Currently Catania are in 13th place with 34 points, 10 above the relegation zone.

Danilo Pochini