Neymar must follow Messi example, not Ronaldinho - Edmilson

The former Barcelona and Brazil defender has urged his compatriot to follow the path of the five-time Ballon d'Or winner and not the erratic Ronaldinho

Neymar should take inspiration from Lionel Messi and not follow in the footsteps of Ronaldinho, according to former Brazil international Edmilson.

While Messi has shown to be a model professional throughout his career as Barcelona's key man, Ronaldinho's illustrious career has latterly been hindered by his love of the nightlife, which led to his release from the Catalan side.

Edmilson believes five-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi is the perfect leader for Neymar, urging him to follow his example instead of that of his compatriot Ronaldinho.

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"Ronaldinho followed an erratic path, perhaps he had no one to advise him off the field," the retired defender told Caneda Ser .

"I hope Neymar follows the path of Messi, in the sense that he should grow every year and be the best for 10 years. 

"To reach the level of Ronaldinho, he has to enhance his decisiveness in big games. Neymar is a lot like Ronaldinho - he's very cheerful and always happy."

Edmilson also dismissed the idea of Neymar joining Real Madrid when his deal expires at Camp Nou.

"Neymar has won five titles and that marks you at the club for the rest of his life. His dream was Barcelona, he chose it over offers from other teams, he would not leave the club for Madrid.

"I have no doubt, I know Ney and his father, they do not see him going to Madrid. It would break the story he is writing here.

"Neymar is still young but is excited about being the number one, and Brazilians are proud to have Neymar playing at this level. I am very pleased."