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Alves: I hate what surrounds football

Barcelona full-back Dani Alves said he "hates" the world that surrounds football. 

The Brazil international is in Japan as Barca prepare to face Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup.

Alves, 32, revealed he is disillusioned with what comes with being a professional footballer.

"I hate what surrounds football," he told O'Globo. "I live in this world, but do not belong to it. 

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"There are lies and other interests. I have flaws, but I'm honest. Sometimes I think that people are not prepared to listen and discuss truths.

The right-back also spoke about his life and what he plans to do after football. 

"I'm a good crazy. A crazy good guy. Someone who makes the most of life," he continued.

"I hardly ever watch TV because there is heaps of bad news. I am in favour of life.

"I like to have personality, in my way of dressing. I think being normal is a bit boring. The club gives us a car and mine is always the one with the most colour. I like those type of things.

"My life is free. I have rules to follow in football, but I feel free to play, to create. I live my craziness.

"When I leave football, I will put a backpack on and travel the world. It will be inevitable to watch football, but I won't live in it."