Moving to Real Madrid would put Neymar at risk, admits father

Talks concerning a new contract for the Brazilian star at Camp Nou have advanced slowly, but his agent insists that he is not thinking of moving anywhere else

Neymar's father has ruled out the possibility of his son playing for Real Madrid, affirming that he is happy in Barcelona

The Brazilian is currently preparing to discuss a new contract with the Catalans, although talks have been slow so far. 

And Neymar Sr. insisted that his future belonged to his current team, while discarding any chance of crossing the Liga divide. 

"Neymar has his own life. I cannot make him go to Real Madrid," he told ESPN Brasil.

"He is making his own history, and he is happy with his life. I cannot put that at risk, he is my son and my client.

"I have to think about his happiness and not just money."

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Asked whether he could move to another team, the patriarch affirmed: "Only if there were another Barcelona.

"His future is here, where he has three more years on his contract. The only proposal has been rejected by Barca.

"There was an offer from Manchester United, but he wants to stay."

Neymar Sr. also commented on the Ballon d'Or awards, and admitted it was an "honour to be alongside Messi and Ronaldo." 

"But he does not need to be better than anybody, he does not have to be better than his idol," he explained. 

"His idol is Robinho and he does not need to be better than Robinho, just different."