Romario: Pele is an imbecile

The former Brazil striker renewed his long-running feud with the Selecao legend after the 72-year-old reacted to being called a "poet when he doesn't speak"
Romario has reignited his war of words with Pele after labelling the Brazil great an "an imbecile".

The pair of former strikers have long been embroiled in a bitter feud following the one-time Barcelona and PSV star's criticism of the all-time Selecao goalscorer in 2007, when he branded him as "a poet when he doesn't speak".

"There are lots of people who don't really know what they want and simply attack the past. But I'm a Catholic and I believe that God has always forgiven the ignorant, so I forgive the ignorant," Pele said on Friday.

And in response to the ex-forward, Romario wrote on his official Facebook page: "Yesterday, Pele responded to my famous quote, "Quiet, Pele is a poet". It is a commonly used phrase, after all, he's always giving reason for it to be used.

"The last foolish thing he said was that Corinthians should be used as the base to the Selecao. He asked for it, didn't he?

"A few pieces of information about this gentleman... First of all, the base of the team he suggested to the Selecao got the biggest boo of their history. And deservedly so, because they were awful.

"Secondly, he said he's a big Catholic. I don't think he's such a Catholic. If he was, he would've recognised his daughter and gone to her funeral.

"Aside from a poet, he's also an imbecile."

Two years ago, Romario
accused Pele of talking "so much sh*t" after the Santos legend claimed that his fellow attacker initiated a witch-hunt against the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) due to his omission from the country's squad for World Cup 1998.