Boca And Milan Rule The World In Trophies

After obtaining the South American Super Cup on Wednesday night, Argentine giants Boca Juniors have joined AC Milan as the club in the world who have won the most international titles...

Boca Juniors obtained the South American Super Cup for the fourth time on Wednesday night after defeating Arsenal de Sarandi 5-3 on aggregate, and are now tied with European giants AC Milan as the two most successful clubs on the planet, when it comes to international trophies won.

Both, Boca and Milan, have now lifted eighteen international trophies a piece, and are on top of the world, having each won three more titles than Real Madrid (Spain) and Independiente (Argentina), who are both on fifteen titles. The international trophies include all those that are recognized by FIFA (football's world governing body) at an official level.

List of International Trophy Winners: 

1) AC Milan (Italy): 18 (European Cup 7, Cup Winners' Cup 2, Super Cup 5, Intercontinental Cup 3 and 1 Club World Cup).

1) Boca Juniors (Argentina): 18 (Copa Libertadores 6, Intercontinental Cup 3, Super Cup 4, Copa Sudamericana 2, 1 Continental Super Cup, 1 Masters Cup and 1 Gold Cup).

2) Real Madrid (Spain): 15 (European Cup 9, UEFA Cup 2, Super Cup 1, Intercontinental Cup 3)

2) Independiente (Argentina): 15 (Copa Libertadores 7, Intercontinental Cup 2, Super Cup 2, Interamericana Cup 3 and 1 Super Cup.

Gregory Sica