Boris Becker: A rivalry between Bayern Munich & Borussia Dortmund will strengthen the Bundesliga

The nine-time grand slam winner has asserted that German football needs healthy competition at the top and hailed Marco Reus' imminent transfer to BVB as 'wonderful'
By Maximilian Bensinger

Boris Becker is not only a tennis legend, but also a big fan of Bayern Munich. For a decade, the Wimbledon winner served on the German record champions' Economic Advisory Board. And, when he speaks of the team, his heart still beats for the Bavarians.

In the second half of's exclusive interview with Becker, the tennis star discusses Bayern's growing rivalry with Dortmund and the German giants' chances in the Champions League. Click here to read part one.

Can Borussia Dortmund be serious competitors for Bayern Munich in the long run?

Becker: I really hope they will be. Bayern need steady competition. This would strengthen not only Munich, but the entire Bundesliga. In third place I see Schalke. If those three teams stay at eye level for several years, then this would give German football an immense boost. As for Borussia Dortmund, I am now very confident that they can succeed in the long term.

What makes you so sure?

Becker: In Jurgen Klopp they have a good trainer, whom Dortmund want to keep for the next 10 years. In addition, the Westphalians now have the wherewithal that they can regularly qualify for the Champions League. Thus, they can make the right transfers, which can be seen in the signing of Marco Reus. That was a wonderful transfer.

Speaking of Reus, was his signing for Dortmund a failure for Bayern?

Becker: That would be too harsh. They had him on their shopping list, but Dortmund also had the monetary means. I think it's important that we have two clubs in Germany with international class, which offer such opportunities.

In the summer, Bayern are going to aim for top-class players. They are especially considering additions in defence. What do you think?

Becker: Central defence was last season's weak point, but it is much better now. However, Daniel van Buyten is not getting any younger, and Breno is probably no longer an option. Surely they will need to find a solution. And not only against Mainz or Kaiserslautern, but against Barcelona or Real Madrid. Due to the heavy burden, nearly every position must be filled with two quality players.

Can Bayern match Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Becker: Every team is beatable over two games. There is also luck and the home team advantage to consider. FC Bayern are extremely strong at home and can beat anyone there. The final in Munich is certainly a motivational boost. Bayern can certainly beat Barcelona over two games.

Bastian Schweinsteiger sees the Catalans as big favourites to win the Champions League title.

Becker: I don't think he is so wrong. There are still many strong clubs in the race. On paper, Barcelona are the favourites. But Bayern are relatively close behind them.

Two years after the near-treble, is it possible for Bayern to win the treble this season?

Becker: For FC Bayern, the German championship is always the most important. This season there is a special target. The final in Munich is a special feature that makes the Champions League title almost equally important. For [Philipp] Lahm & Co, the Champions League plays a very important role, especially as they have not yet been able to win the trophy.

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