Emiliano Viviano: Napoli are serious candidates to win Serie A but Inter will lift the Scudetto

The 25-year-old looks back at his time with Brescia and discusses his future, Inter's title credentials and more in a Q & A session with Goal.com readers
Inter goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano has taken the time to answer questions from Goal.com readers all over the world as the Italy international talked about his former clubs, Inter's chances of regaining the Serie A title, his plans for the future and many more interesting topics.

Glen from Malta: Which Italian striker really drove you crazy. Someone you wish you'd never have encountered on the pitch?

Emiliano Viviano: Well, I don’t know. For the type of player he is, I would say [Inter's Giampaolo] Pazzini, he can be annoying.

Camran, Oslo, Norway: Who would you choose between Gianluigi Buffon and Dino Zoff?

EV: Absolutely no doubt about it: Gianluigi.

Silvio from Genoa: Have you ever thought about an experience abroad? I think you can play in a top club and David de Gea at Manchester United has been struggling.

EV: De Gea needs more time. As I’ve said before, I’m fascinated by foreign football, so we will see if there will be a chance in the future.

Marica from Naples: Which team will win the Scudetto this season and do you think Napoli have the qualities to compete for the title?

EV: I think Napoli will compete for the Scudetto until the very end, but I think Inter will be the winner.

Giovanni from Genoa: You are a goalkeeper appreciated for being complete from a technical point of view and for your great character, what aspect do you still need to improve?

EV: Well, first of all, I want to say thanks for the compliment. There’s always room for improvement in football. I don’t want to be too technical in the answer, but I would say rushing out still needs some improvement.

Antonio from Padua: People talk a lot about footballs that are becoming everyday more difficult to control, how does a goalkeeper experience this evolution?

EV: We often train with these balls and I have to say the kind of ball we have been using in the league in the last two years is the best. However, there are others like the kind of ball we used at the Word Cup in South Africa that are very difficult for goalkeepers.

Manuele, San Giovanni in Persiceto: What do you think about what happened with the envelopes at Bologna ?

EV: I think it was quite a serious and gross mistake of Bologna. They probably lost a lot of money too, but it’s something of the past and I’m happy I’m with Inter now.

Zio from Brescia: Hi Emiliano, we have fond memories of your time at Brescia, what do you think about Brescia this season and why did you leave?

EV: I left Brescia because it was a normal next step in my career and Brescia benefited from the transfer as well. They earned a lot of money by selling me. I live there, I got married there and I go see Brescia play whenever possible, it’s my second team. I really love the people in Brescia and they love me. I think they’re having an excellent season. They have young guys playing very well and I hope they will continue like that.

Enrique from London: You’re the only Italian goalkeeper with talent, but you’ve been playing for very small teams. Why?

EV: First of all because I arrived in Serie A only two years ago and played for Bologna those two seasons. And also because the top teams already have shot stoppers like Buffon, [Christian] Abbiati and Julio Cesar, three of the strongest goalkeepers in the world, so it isn’t that easy. Additionally, I don’t think I’m the only talented goalkeeper in Italy.

Francesco from Pistoia: You say you’re a supporter of Fiorentina, but club icons don’t exist any more in football. How much would it take for you to join Juventus?

EV: People often say club icons don’t exist anymore in football, but the problem is that you’re not often given the opportunity to become one. Look at [Francesco] Totti for example, and think at what is going on in Roma at the moment. It’s like anything bad happening in Roma is Totti’s fault. You should be given the chance to be a club icon.

As for me going to Juventus, it would be very difficult, and for a million reasons. I don’t want to say I would never go to Juventus. However, I won't be welcomed and loved in Turin, so I’ll try to stay away from Juve, even though the club are clearly one of the best in Italy.

Another question from Germany, Aman: Why is Italian football in such a crisis? Maybe because you’re not giving all you have?

EV: Well, I don’t think Italian football is going through a crisis to be honest. If I’m not mistaken, we are still the world champions with Inter, so I don’t think we’re in crisis. It’s true that we are a bit behind some other countries though, in particular in the development of new stadiums and marketing. I think we have some catching up to do in those areas with countries like England and Germany.

Domenico from Bologna: I still have a t-shirt with your signature. It’s the best memory I have and it reminds me of when you played for Bologna and when you were a real goalkeeper. I think you’ll be the national team future, I have only one worry though: Julio Cesar...

EV: I've had the opportunity to get to know Julio over the last few months and he is an exceptional guy and he is a phenomenon. I can only wait and hope there will be a possibility for me to play, but it’s normal he is the first choice at Inter.

As for Bologna, I didn’t have a say in that. The whole world knows what happened with that envelope and I had to live with that decision. I felt great in Bologna and I go there whenever I get the chance. I was there last week, it’s a wonderful city with wonderful people.