Exclusive: PSV'S Ola Toivonen Not To Blame For Elbow On Ajax's Jan Vertonghen - Patrik Werner

Degerfors coach Patrik Werner leaps to Toivonen's defence after elbow on Ajax's Jan Vertonghen in PSV rumble...
PSV striker Ola Toivonen has been defended from criticism by his former coach at Degerfors after showing Jan Vertonghen an elbow in the weekend stalemate against Ajax.

Toivonen, who escaped a red card for his actions, has come under a barrage of criticism from the Dutch media, with critics labelling him a violent player.

Goal.com caught up with his former coach Patrik Werner, who suggests the Swedish hitman is not a bad player.

"Ola is always big news in local and national media, even now," Werner told Goal.com.

"Also we have read about this incident, but I have mostly seen positive things being written about his goals.

"I've also seen the elbow. It was not good, but there was no red card. These things happen. I have not spoken with him about the incident.

"The last time we spoke was when he was here at Christmas."

Werner suggested Toivonen's reactions are down to provocation.

"I do not think Ola is always to blame," added Werner.

"Many players try to get him sent off or get him in trouble. It can get tough. Everyone wants to get him. Sometimes he has to behave naturally, but sometimes it's not his fault."

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