World Cup 2010 EXCLUSIVE: Argentina Coach Is Like Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho - Diego Maradona Junior

Maradona junior has shared his views on the World Cup with
Diego Maradona junior believes the Argentina coach is like Real Madrid leader Jose Mourinho as he draws comparisons between the two legends of the game in an exclusive interview with

Asked whether he felt the Albiceleste boss had similar traits to the 'Special One', Maradona junior told "They are very similar in the way they communicate and motivate the players, but this doesn't mean that they are not good coaches.

"One [Mourinho] won the treble and the other took Argentina to the World Cup, winning all the group games, so I don't think they are stupid."

Argentina are among the favourites to win the tournament following a flawless passage through their group. But the Napoli native has a different view.

"Let's leave the favourites tag on Brazil, Spain, England and the Netherlands," he added.

"Even though among these teams there are those who may not get past the group stage."

His horizon extended to Italy - another team that risks the humiliation of stumbling at the first hurdle.

"They could end up like France, but I hope that doesn't happen. But, it's hard to win games if they don't shoot on goal," he continued.

Sticking with the shooting theme, some have blamed the Jabulani's performance for the wayward strikes on goal. And Maradona junior agrees there is a problem.

"The football is unplayable. I have tried it once and it is uncontrollable. I agree with my father [Diego Maradona] who has complained about it," he said.

"Instead of starting trouble with my father Pele, [Michel] Platini and [Franz] Beckenbauer should do something about the ball."

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